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Ways to Increase Facebook Page Likes

Posting on Facebook is a great way to stay connected with current and potential customers of your business. However, only those who take the time to like your page will regularly see the content you post. So, you should have a goal to increase Facebook page likes to broaden your audience and drive engagement for the content you post. If you’re not sure how to get those coveted likes, follow the tips below.

Increase Facebook Page Likes on Your Own Website

Your SEO marketing efforts can help fuel your Facebook likes. With a simple plugin on your website, a user can click to like your page—without actually visiting Facebook. So, when users find your website via search, they have an opportunity to connect with you on social media as well. If your website is inviting and engaging, readers will be likely to want to see more from your business.

Use Plenty of Your Own Photos

Stock photos are an easy choice for social media posts because they’re readily available and high-quality. However, a quick scan of Facebook will show you that many of the best stock photos for your industry are already being used by your competitors. So, it’s worth the time to take high-quality pictures around your business and use those across your page and new posts. This personal touch will help users feel more connected to your business and give them a real look at what it is that you do.

Encourage Users to Share Your Content 

Posting great content is a must for getting people to like your page and stay interested in it. Quality content also warrants requests for users to like, share, and comment—each of these actions can bring in new views to your page from your individuals your followers are connected with. Don’t be afraid to ask users to share or comment on a post. You can even offer incentives, such as a contest entry for anyone who comments and shares a particular post.

Here at Smargasy, we know how important it is to be seen online, especially on social media. Our marketing team can quickly help you gain a stronger social media following, so that your business can grow. Call (239) 214-8592 or email [email protected] to get started.

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