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Do search engines know what’s on your site?

Your website needs to be optimized for your potential clients. Site Optimization is the art of discovering what people are searching for in a site, modeling it so they get value from their visit, and converting them into leads afterward.

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Understanding the phrases potential customers use to describe your product, integrating these within your site, and fixing any technical problems are the essential first steps in optimizing your site.

Keyword Research

Speak Your Customers' Search Language

What’s the difference between “Fort Myers pain management” and “pain management Fort Myers”? Almost 5x the search volume. We learn how people actually talk about your product or service, so that your site speaks to them.

On-Page Recommendations

Content that Converts

Once we know how people are looking for you, we change your website so that it shows up in search results. We will work with you to write and implement page descriptions, titles and headings that tell the world what exactly is offered by describing yourself just as if were someone who was trying to find out more about a product or service like yours.

Technical SEO

All the Right Code In All the Right Places

If you don't want your site to go unnoticed, then it's important that search engines can find and index every page on the website. Our professionals will work with you to fix any technical problems preventing this from happening so we can make sure your business is as visible in Google results as possible!

A Word about On-Site and Off-Site SEO Strategies

SEO strategies are a continuum. They work in concert to elevate your online marketing success, but all of them require precision and care if they’re going to be successful. At Smargasy, our approach is always tailored for you; we take into consideration the strengths that you have when it comes time for us to figure out what can help your company stand apart from competitors. 

fort myers seo company
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CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization) and UXO (User Experience Optimization)

Once we’ve driven potential customers to your site, it’s time to convert them into viable leads! We work with you and optimize conversion rates so that when people land on the page they are far more likely contact.

Powerful CTAs (Calls to Action)

We craft CTAs that help potential customers make a purchase decision. You can count on us to be professional and respectful every step of the way, from creating your website design to sending out personalized emails about special promotions you may enjoy!

Reduced Bounce Rates

We take extra care so that visitors don’t bounce from your site. We do this by providing engaging content and making it easy to navigate for a great customer experience!

Increased Time on Site

Once you have potential customers engaged on your site, we help establish that you are the expert in their field. The more time a lead spends on your site, the higher likelihood they will convert to become YOUR customer!

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