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Unified Communications

Smargasy, Inc. helps businesses of all sizes use unified communication solutions for better customer service
To have comprehensive communication with your customers and your team, you need to integrate real-time and non-real-time communications into a single space. Unified communications solutions reduce the complexity of navigating multiple communication avenues at once. As a result, your business will see increased productivity and better experiences for your customers. These benefits are rooted in reduced customer wait times and a reduction in missed messages.
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Unified Communications Systems 101

Unified communications, also known as UC, is all about simplicity. Think of the multiple avenues in which internal and external communications happen in your business. Texts, phone calls, emails, chats—to name just a few—typically come through different platforms, using different technologies, and often with distinctive branding. The result? Confusion.
Fight back against this kind of chaos with UC. Unified communication systems from Smargasy, Inc. offer seamless integration, harnessing the power of VoIP to bring all of your communication tools into a single interface.
Your team will appreciate the ease with which they can manage internal communications and deliver what their customers need. From your customers’ perspectives, integrating different communication options into a single interface with clear, consistent branding will reduce confusion and improve the overall user experience.

UC Benefits

The advantages of UC go well beyond streamlining communication management. Our user-friendly interface helps your company appear more approachable and available to customers than your competitors. The simple setup also means that adopting UC will be an easy process for your team.
Our UC system has a comprehensive list of features and is constantly being updated. As technology changes and new features become in demand, you will find them integrated into the system, so you always experience cutting-edge capabilities.
Our unified communications solutions are also 3rd-party compatible through our API. Existing business application connectors are in place with Outlook, Salesforce, and more. Soon, you’ll be able to use our API to create 3rd-party compatibility with any application your business choses.

Growing Features, Reasonable Pricing

The features of our UC are constantly expanding and evolving, but the price is not. We have budget-friendly solutions for businesses of all sizes, from start-ups and small businesses to full-scale enterprise services for large brands. Pricing starts at only $38.95.
Simplify your communication systems and improve customer experiences with unified communications systems from Smargasy, Inc. Our team is committed to providing the support that businesses of all sizes need to make digital marketing and communications technologies work for them. We serve clients across the nation from our Fort Myers, Florida offices. Contact us today at Click To Call(239) 214-8592 to learn more about our UC solutions.
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