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Virtual Auto Attendant and Mobile VoIP

A virtual auto attendant from Smargasy is your digital receptionist designed for better customer experiences
In today’s business world, communication is more challenging than it has ever been. Most team members are constantly on the go, not sitting by a phone or inbox. Additionally, more and more team members are working remotely, at least some of the time. All of this mobility is great, but it can also make team members difficult to reach—unless you have a virtual auto attendant and mobile VoIP.
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Virtual Auto Attendant 101

A virtual auto attendant facilitates communication for your team, regardless of where they are located. Think of your virtual auto attendant as a digital receptionist, handling important tasks like call forwarding and routing for you, so that your customers always have the best possible experience when they contact you, regardless of where team members are working.
Virtual auto assistants and mobile VoIP can easily solve the problems that occur in a busy, modern workplace, like missed calls, forgotten messages, and overlooked communications from customers and vendors alike. Since your virtual auto attendant is at work 24 hours a day, no one who contacts your business hangs up without being connected with the right person.

Virtual Auto Attendant and IP2Speech

We integrate our virtual auto attendant into our VoIP IP2Speech platform. The result is a seamless experience that uses the cost-saving power of VoIP and service integration to create a comprehensive communication platform for businesses of all sizes.
With IP2Speech and our virtual auto attendant, you get:
Perhaps best of all, virtual auto attendants make your customer-facing communications feel like a large, established corporation, no matter how many employees you have, all at a price that will actually save you money on your communication management costs. Our system is easy to use, but powerful enough to deliver the results your organization needs.
Don’t let communication costs and challenges put your business at risk. Smargasy, Inc. can help. Alongside our digital marketing, online reputation management, and SEO work, we also offer IP2Speech and a range of integrated services designed to make your company more efficient, allowing you to serve more customers and grow your brand. Our business is in Florida, but our work is nationwide, so call us for a free consultation to learn more about what we can do for you. Dial Click To Call(239) 214-8592 to talk to a team member today.
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