Explore the business management solutions available from Smargasy, including VoIP phone systems, social powered Wi-Fi, and much more.

All companies need certain infrastructure in place to support growth. At Smargasy, our team of IT professionals has the customized business management solutions you need. From VoIP phone systems to business-friendly website hosting, we’ve got everything your brand needs to scale.

You’ll find that our experienced team is both friendly and approachable. We work closely with business owners and managers to ensure they receive the customized solutions they need.

VoIP Phone Systems

Our business management solutions include custom-designed VoIP phone systems. These Voice over Internet Protocol phone systems enable you to make and receive calls over your Internet connection. VoIP technology accelerates communication and allows for unlimited phone lines.


Online Reputation Management

Your brand is only as good as its reputation. With our business management solutions, we help you take control of your online reputation. As a result, new and current customers will view your brand in a positive light. This can increase web traffic and drive sales through the roof.

Social Powered Wi-Fi

Social powered Wi-Fi is a powerful marketing tool. It allows your customers to log on to your Wi-Fi network for free via their social media accounts. Then, your business can push targeted promotions to their social media pages.

Essentially, this robust tool allows you to transform your free Wi-Fi into an automated lead generation machine. Contact our team to learn how you can harness the power of social media.


Antivirus/Anti-malware Suite

Smargasy provides best-in-class antivirus and anti-malware products as part of our business management solutions. Our products are designed to automatically run in the background. They do so without negatively affecting the performance of your system. Plus, Smargasy will manage all security patches and updates for you.


Junk emails waste your employees’ time and cut into productivity. Worse, they open the door to potential malware attacks. Smargasy’s proprietary SpamWall technology uses a custom scoring system designed to effectively block junk email. In addition, potentially dangerous emails are quarantined on our servers. This prevents cybercriminals from accessing your network.


Website Hosting

Smargasy offers complete website hosting services. When you entrust your website to our team, you’ll get unmatched security and reliability. We provide nightly data backups for your peace of mind. Plus, our friendly and knowledgeable tech support team is here for you 24/7/365.

Zoho Workplace

Is your team experiencing communication problems? We recommend Zoho Workplace. It’s a brilliantly engineered suite of nine apps that can seamlessly integrate into any workplace. With Zoho Workplace, your team can collaborate and innovate to an unprecedented degree.


Smargasy is your partner for complete business management solutions. We pride ourselves on providing a customizable suite of products and business services. These allow our clients to grow their businesses. Contact our team today at (239) 214-8592 to get the ball rolling.

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