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Smargasy SpamWall

Smargasy’s spam filter service, SpamWall, can protect your systems and network from spam, viruses, and other malware.
No business wants to deal with spam. It wastes your employees’ time and depletes productivity. Worse, spam can be dangerous. Some spam contains viruses or other malware. This poses a threat not only to the individual device, but also to the whole network.
At Smargasy, we’ve designed a custom email spam filter service for our clients. Smargasy SpamWall is equipped with a next-generation mail scoring system. It includes virus detection and smart features that enable you to take control of your company’s email inboxes.
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Our Sophisticated Spam Scoring System

Our spam filter service includes a unique mail scoring system. It’s based on the built-in scoring rules. These include user-defined rules, which administrators can adjust. The second set is self-learning rules.
In effect, SpamWall gets smarter over time. Based on the scoring criteria, the spam filter service assigns each email to one of the following categories:
SpamWall automatically quarantines suspicious emails. Furthermore, these quarantined emails are housed on our servers—not yours. This prevents cybercriminals from gaining access to your network.

Smargasy SpamWall Features

Black/White Listing

Spam is often sent repeatedly by the same IP addresses. With our black and white listing, administrators can add an IP address to either their black or white list. This allows the product to filter out repeat spam offenders.

Score Reasoning

Score reasoning is one of the features that sets our spam filter service apart from the rest. Most available spam filters simply block problematic inbound email without explaining why. Each time our filter blocks an email, you’ll get a detailed explanation. This allows administrators to adjust the filtering rules based on their organization’s needs.

Site Copy

Our proprietary spam filter service automatically generates a fingerprint of each email your company receives. Then, future emails are compared to these fingerprints. This allows the filter to determine if an email is part of a bulk send campaign.

Custom Filters

Spammers use a variety of tricks to get past traditional spam filters. However, Smargasy SpamWall is equipped with powerful custom filters. These custom filters are specifically engineered to prevent spammers’ tricks from working. As a result, you can enjoy up to a 90% reduction in spam.

Two-Pass Approach

The scoring system uses a two-pass approach to analyze emails and determine their score. Administrators can adjust the user-defined rules to be specific to any of these sections: header, subject, body, or attachments.

Virus Detection

Cybersecurity is our middle name here at Smargasy. Our spam filter service features two types of virus detection. As a result, you can feel confident knowing that your systems and network are protected.
Spam can be more than just junk mail; it can pose a threat to your entire network. Protect your business by signing up for our spam filter service today. Call Smargasy at (239) 214-8592 to speak with a knowledgeable representative. Be sure to ask us about our other business solutions to help your business thrive.
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