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Display Advertising

Smargasy, Inc. offers a complete range of digital marketing services, including all types of display advertising, to businesses in Florida and throughout the United States.
Display advertising is an essential component of a carefully planned marketing campaign. At Smargasy, Inc., we specialize in display ads and other methods of marketing that will put your brand front and center in your potential customers’ browsers.
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What Is Display Advertising?

There are two main forms of advertising that you can put to work for your brand: paid and organic. Organic marketing draws users to your company’s website using search engine optimization (SEO) techniques. In contrast, paid advertisements target your ideal demographic directly, placing your brand in front of them and enticing them to click. Display advertising is a form of paid marketing. These ads will appear on third-party websites as users browse. They typically include images or videos along with a minimal amount of text. Display advertising is a highly effective way to draw more traffic to your website or landing page.

Types of Display Advertising

The team at Smargasy can put together any type of display ad for your business, including the following:

Banner ads:

A long, rectangular ad that usually appears at the top of a webpage.

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Interstitial ads:

Viewers see interstitial ads before they are redirected to the webpage they originally clicked on.

Rich media:

These ads contain interactive elements, such as polls or opt-in forms.

Video ads:

Videos within display ads are highly effective at capturing users’ attention.

What Are the Benefits of Display Advertising?

There are many benefits of using display advertising developed by Smargasy, including the following:
At Smargasy, we also like to recommend display advertising because it presents the opportunity for remarketing. Often, potential customers will visit a brand’s website to check out the products or services, and then navigate away without making a purchase or booking an appointment. Display ads can be targeted directly to that audience, reminding them of the brand and enticing them to revisit the website to make a purchase. Remarketing can be highly effective at moving customers through the buyer’s journey.

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At Smargasy, Inc., our business is helping your business thrive. Click to schedule your free consultation with one of our experts today, or call us at (239) 214-8592. We look forward to helping you improve your brand’s presence online.
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