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Our Services

Customized business solutions are available from Smargasy— a marketing and website development company in FL.
At Smargasy, we understand that your business isn’t like any other. Your company is on a unique trajectory, with its own needs, challenges, and goals. That’s why our team provides fully customized business solutions. Our flexible approach enables us to better serve our clients.
Consequently, we position our clients for success within their industry. Whether you’re launching a start-up, planning a rebranding, or simply interested in a better way of getting business done, talk to our talented team about our customized business solutions.

Cybersecurity Solutions

It’s been estimated that starting in 2021, cyberattacks will cost the global economy more than $6 trillion per year. Clearly, no business owner can afford to ignore cybersecurity concerns. It doesn’t matter if your brand is large or small, local or global. Every single business that has a digital presence or conducts digital transactions is potentially vulnerable to a cyberattack.
At Smargasy, we provide more than just top-notch cybersecurity solutions. We provide peace of mind. You’ll rest easy with our suite of customized business solutions, including malware protection.

Custom Website Development

Your website is the flagship of your digital presence. It’s essential that it provides the best possible first impression of your brand. Our customized business solutions include website development services. Our talented designers and programmers can bring your vision of your brand to life.
We’ll create a responsive, intuitive, and beautiful website that your customers will enjoy browsing. Our team can even develop custom web applications. We can integrate virtually any feature you might need. These range from e-commerce shopping carts to content management systems (CMS).

Custom Software Development

Off-the-shelf software isn’t sufficient for every business. If the available software is difficult to use or out of date, it’s time to consider a better option. Smargasy’s customized business solutions includes software creation designed for your needs.
Our skilled programmers can design your custom software for use on Windows, Mac, or Linux. We only use stable platforms and frameworks. Furthermore, we prioritize the security of our software products.

Business IT Consulting and Training

Perhaps you aren’t quite sure which tech upgrades your brand needs. You only know that what you’re currently using isn’t working well. Partner with Smargasy for business IT consulting services. Our team will come to you to help you figure out how to move your business forward.
We also offer IT training solutions for your entire team. Our experts will be happy to walk them through the usage of your new software, application, website, or other infrastructure. Our training solutions are designed to be user-friendly and easy for your team to understand.

Digital Marketing Campaigns

Marketing is the backbone of your company’s expansion plans. In order to attract new customers, it’s essential to build brand awareness. Smargasy offers complete digital marketing services that will drive conversions and boost your revenue. We provide a complete range of customized business solutions, from email marketing to PPC and beyond.
Smargasy is your all-in-one business partner. We offer everything your brand needs to compete effectively in today’s dynamic marketplace. Contact our office in Florida at (239) 214-8592 to request a free consultation with one of our friendly professionals. We’re pleased to work with clients across Southwestern Florida and beyond.
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