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SIP Trunk Service Providers

SIP trunk service from Smargasy allows you to scale your VoIP to meet your company’s communication needs.
Business owners know how important it is to stay ahead of the curve not just with your products and services but also with how you are managing your business. Customers expect to be greeted with modern operating systems and fast responses, and if they’re not, they’re likely to find one of your competitors that can deliver instead.
The need to stay current and agile extends to your communication systems. Analog telephones have been replaced for many companies by VoIP, which uses broadband rather than traditional telephone lines for connections, and SIP trunking has become the go-to signalling standard for those who are using VoIP for their communications.
SIP trunk service provides virtually unlimited capacity and flexibility while also saving you up to 40% over the cost of your traditional phone services. With IP2Speech VoIP from Smargasy, Inc., not only do you get the advantages of SIP trunking, but you also have the benefits that come with our comprehensive communications platform.
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What exactly is SIP Trunking?

SIP—or session initiation protocol—is the vehicle that allows you to communicate over VoIP. The easiest way to picture SIP trunking is to think of it as similar to the phone lines that connected your analog phones. VoIP is the phone network itself, and a SIP trunk is the “line” that actually connects the calls for voice or video communication.What makes VoIP even more attractive for businesses is that it can also deliver advanced features that a traditional phone line cannot. In other words, it’s a modern, cost-effective solution for phone communication that is boosted with digital features to enhance the way your business manages all communications.
SIP trunk service can be used with any PBX, from VoIP to older analog systems, though a converter may be needed for older phone exchanges.

What are the benefits of Hiring SIP Trunk Providers?

One of the biggest advantages of SIP trunking is its unlimited scalability. Your company can have as many SIP trunks as you need, and you can easily add more as your company grows. There are several other advantages, including:

Who can use SIP trunking?

If you have a business, SIP trunking is for you. No business is too small or too large to put SIP trunking to work for them. At Smargasy, we offer multiple price points, so that every company can take advantage of the most recent technology to connect with their customers.
Let Smargasy, Inc. help you take control of your company’s digital presence, from behind-the-scenes VoIP and communication tools to customer-facing digital marketing solutions. We work with clients across the country and businesses of all sizes. To chat with our Fort Myers, Florida-based team about how we can help you, call us at
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