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VoIP for Professionals

Smargasy, Inc. is a digital marketing company in Florida that provides clients nationwide with multi-channel digital marketing campaigns and hosted business phone systems.
At Smargasy, Inc., we understand that even in a world of digital marketing, phone systems matter. Our hosted business phone systems offer reliable, easy to manage solutions for businesses of all sizes. Be there for your customers for when they need you by leveraging the digital power of VoIP, and watch your communication efficiency skyrocket.
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VoIP Basics

VoIP stands for voice over internet protocol. Essentially, it allows you to turn your computer into a telephone, using a broadband connection in place of traditional telephone lines. With VoIP, your voice is translated into a digital signal, so that it can be transmitted over the internet using broadband. Although initially, VoIP was used specifically with computers, it can now be used with any data device with a broadband internet connection. What makes VoIP even more attractive for businesses is that it can also deliver advanced features that a traditional phone line cannot. In other words, it’s a modern, cost-effective solution for phone communication that is boosted with digital features to enhance the way your business manages all communications.

VoIP Solutions That Work for You

If you’re ready to revolutionize the way your team members communicate with your customers and with each other, then you’re ready for our hosted business phone systems. Here are some of the ways that we can leverage VoIP to work for your business:

All the Service You Need

Our hosted business phone system offers unlimited access to phone, fax, auto attendants, call reporting, toll free numbers, and much more. Plans start at as low as $29.99 for a starter pack, and our services can be scaled to meet your needs, whatever the size of your business.
At Smargasy, Inc., we believe in giving companies of all sizes digital solutions they need to serve their customers while maintaining their bottom lines. Our Fort Myers, Florida team is available to assist companies nationwide. Find out more about our hosted business phone systems and the rest of our services by calling
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