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Nurturing Your Customers

As a business owner, you may hold the belief that exceptional customer service is what retains customers once they choose to patronize your business. While that is true to a degree, the digital era has created so many different opportunities to extend the customer service experience outside of your doors. So, it takes more frequent online interactions to stay in the minds of your customers. Here’s a look at what you should know about nurturing your customers in the digital marketing age.

Know How to Attract New Customers

If you’re just developing a new marketing strategy, your primary focus should be on attracting new business with awareness-focused campaigns. These might include paid ads (PPC ads), social media ads, local SEO strategies, and directory management. In addition to helping customers find your business online, you should also help them spread the word about your business with reputation management services. Reputation management can boost the presence of positive reviews about your business around the web. Having more visible positive reviews can then bring in new leads.

Keep Potential Customers Interested in Your Brand

It’s not enough to just make customers aware of your brand. Your message may not land at a time when potential customers are interested in making a purchase. Alternatively, you may want to generate interest among customers who visited you in the past, but haven’t yet made a repeat purchase. Retargeting campaigns will let you focus on these members of your audience who have the potential to become brand ambassadors. For example, boomerang ad campaigns, email marketing, and social media marketing are all great strategies for nurturing both your customers and your leads who already know about your brand, but aren’t currently making purchases.

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