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Is VoIP Right for Your Small Business?

Even as digital communication continues to grow, phone communication remains an essential part of doing business across many industries. However, you may find that a traditional hardwired phone line isn’t meeting your needs like it used to. VoIP phone systems offer a modern solution that can cater to your small business without breaking your budget. In fact, you’ll likely find that VoIP is among the most affordable options for your phone setup. Continue reading for a look at the signs that it’s the right solution for your business.

You need a scalable solution for phone communications.

One common challenge for small businesses is utilizing services that can grow with their companies. Sure, you may have a core team of just a few employees now, but what will your team look like in five or ten years? Because VoIP systems are cloud based, they are easily scalable so they can grow with your business.

Your team operates remotely.

Many small businesses are no longer confined to a single location and instead are supported by a remote team working from several locations at once. With a VoIP system, your team can take calls from their business phone numbers no matter where they are physically located.

You want more than just a phone line.

One of the greatest advantages of VoIP phone systems for small businesses is that they can incorporate a wider range of services beyond facilitating phone calls. VoIP systems can offer all the bells and whistles of traditional phone systems—call waiting, holding, transferring, forwarding, and caller ID—but it can go a step further with advanced features. For example, recording calls is much easier when calls are already in a digital format. VoIP systems can even integrate virtual attendants and API integrations to help make your business seem bigger than it really is.

Get started with a hosted business phone system from Smargasy to streamline your small business’s communication needs. Contact us today to explore the affordable VoIP solutions we offer.

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