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How to Optimize Your Social Media Marketing

About ¾ of U.S. adults use at least one social media platform. Therefore, if your business isn’t on social media, it should be! If you are already on Facebook, Instagram, and other platforms, the next step is to optimize your social media marketing to truly engage your customers and convert them into brand loyalists. Here’s a look at some useful strategies for social media optimization your business can start using today.

Update Your Profile and Cover Photos

Many businesses never change their profile and cover photos on Facebook and other platforms. However, this is great real estate to tell a story about your brand. Changing your profile image seasonally is a good way to keep your page current and inviting. For platforms where you have the option to include a cover photo, such as Facebook, you can further enhance your branding with customized banners with text overlays, event images, or images of your business in action. Again, changing these photos every few months will help keep your profile fresh and interesting.

Create an Editorial Calendar

Social media posts don’t have much longevity. What’s trending today is likely to be gone tomorrow. So, you need to post to your preferred platforms regularly to be seen by your followers and generate the likes and shares that will expand your brand awareness. An editorial calendar can help you plan posts on a monthly or quarterly basis, which means you’ll always be ready with posts for different holidays, events, and promotions that are relevant to your business.

Interact with Your Followers

One advantage of social media is that it provides space for an ongoing conversation. You can (and should) speak to your followers via comments, polls, and messaging tools that let you interact for greater engagement.

Managing your organic social media marketing can be time-consuming, but it’s well worth the effort. If you need a helping hand with your social strategy, Smargasy is ready to help. Our digital marketing team can ramp up the number of followers you have, increase engagement, and grow your brand awareness. Get started with us today by calling (239) 214-8592 for a quick strategy session.

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