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3 Proven Strategies to Get Customers to Buy from Your Business

When it comes to digital marketing, there’s more to think about than simply getting your business seen online. You also need to convert interested prospective buyers into paying customers. Implementing the following proven strategies to get customers to make purchases from your business can have you enjoying a higher volume of customers overall and seeing greater returns on your ad spend.

1. Run display ads to people who’ve interacted with your brand before.

The first time someone visits your website, they may just be curious about the products or services you offer. They might not be ready to make a purchase just yet. Display ads can help you be there when they are ready to buy, popping up across the web with reminders of what you have to offer. For example, you can showcase items from your product catalog that site visitors have viewed but not yet purchased. By staying at the front of their minds, you’ll likely be a first choice when they’re finally ready to spend some cash.

2. Create special offers for email newsletter subscribers.

Another way to stay on people’s minds is by utilizing email marketing. To ramp up your subscribers, create a special offer for new site visitors, such as 15% off when they enter an email address. This will not only encourage an immediate purchase with the discount, but it can give you future opportunities to advertise special offers via email.

3. Utilize social media advertising.

People spend hours on social media sites like Facebook and Instagram every day. So, it only makes sense to advertise on social media. One of the benefits of these types of ads is the ability to focus in on a very specific audience that’s likely to be interested in your brand.

Implement these strategies and round out your online presence with help from Smargasy. Our digital marketing agency offers all the services you need to get more customers through your doors. Visit our contact page or call (239) 214-8592 for a brief strategy session to get started with us.

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