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How to Make a Customer Love You More Than Your Competitors

While you might think a lot about how to acquire new customers, you may not have much of a digital marketing strategy for retaining customers and building brand loyalty. However, it’s returning customers that will truly help your business thrive. If you want to get clients coming back to you again and again, you’ll want to follow these tips on how to make a customer love you more than your competitors.

Create a Personality for Your Brand

Customers don’t just want to interact with a faceless business—they want to get to know the personality behind your brand. Developing a brand personality may happen in several ways. You might post to different social media channels, send out email newsletters, or host live events at your place of business. For any branding effort, keep your ideal customer persona in mind and think about what sets your brand apart. Maybe you’re a family-owned business, or maybe you take pride in creating a fun customer experience in an otherwise drab industry.

Reward Their Loyalty

One easy way to make customers favor your business is to offer discounts and rewards for their loyalty. You might send out exclusive coupons for returning customers, launch a loyalty points program, or even have a punch card to let customers earn freebies by purchasing different products and services on an ongoing basis.

Listen to Their Feedback

Businesses of all types are constantly chasing customer reviews, but those reviews won’t mean a lot to your customers unless you actually listen to their feedback. Publicly replying to online reviews and taking customer feedback into account as you grow your business will help you see greater customer loyalty, because you’ll be providing the type of service they want to see.

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