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Does Digital Marketing Really Work for Small Businesses?

Small business owners need to think about every dollar spent on their advertising. You may not have a large budget to work with, so you need to know that every advertising effort is helping get more customers into your business. With digital marketing, you can feel confident about where your advertising dollars are going. While you might think that the digital landscape is too big or too complicated to master, it offers some distinctive benefits, making it ideal for small businesses looking to compete with national chains. Here’s a closer look at why digital marketing really works for small businesses.

Scalable Services for Every Budget

With digital marketing, it’s possible to start small and grow your advertising efforts right alongside your business. You can create a strong foundation with a simple, straightforward website and local SEO efforts to get you seen within your service area. As you gain more traction, you might incorporate a wider range of marketing tools like social media marketing, display ads, and email marketing.

Targeted Advertising to Reach Your Desired Audience

When you think about digital advertising, it’s easy to become overwhelmed thinking about the huge potential audience that exists in the digital space. However, your marketing doesn’t need to target this wide audience—it can (and should) focus only on those in your geographic region who are interested in what your business does. Local SEO and pay-per-click advertising offer the ability to focus exclusively on individuals who are likely to give you their business. Compare that to a billboard on a busy street in your neighborhood. It may be seen by many eyes, but it won’t capture attention and convert leads.

Measurable Results

Think again about that billboard—how will you know when it works to bring in a new customer or boost brand recognition with a one-time customer? You won’t. But with digital marketing, every campaign you launch is trackable and measurable, so you can know what’s working and what isn’t. That means your efforts will only improve with time and work to bring you even more business.

Digital marketing offers tons of potential for any small business. Make it work for yours with help from Smargasy. Contact our team of marketing pros at (239) 214 8592 or fill out our contact form to schedule your first strategy session.

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