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What You Need to Know About Marketing Automation

Marketing automation is the use of technology to improve, manage, and drive marketing tasks across multiple channels automatically, either on certain schedules or when triggered by other actions. Using marketing automation in Ft. Myers, FL makes it easier to reach a wide customer base, update your marketing materials, and convert leads. It can also free up valuable time you can spend on customer interactions and other key elements of running your business.

How Can You Use Marketing Automation?

Marketing automation is a set of tools that are specifically designed to streamline certain monotonous or automatic tasks that are time-consuming but don’t require a personal touch. Using good automation tools allows you to identify your audience, create targeted content for each segmented audience, and trigger certain actions or responses automatically based on predetermined trigger actions, schedules, or customer interactions. You can use marketing automation to:

  • Respond to customer inquiries
  • Schedule and confirm appointments
  • Answer customer questions
  • Send automated emails
  • Post on social media accounts
  • Target and re-target advertising
  • Perform a/b testing
  • Collect marketing data from customers

Benefits of Marketing Automation

Marketing automation helps you better understand your customers by collecting key data and demographics during customer interactions. It also makes it easier to provide a seamless, consistent customer experience during each interaction. In addition to freeing up your time, marketing automation gives your customers what they need, when they need it, even if your office isn’t open or you’re busy with other tasks. Marketing automation allows you to implement complex strategies with little risk, like drip campaigns, email campaigns, and a/b testing.

Want to Learn More About Marketing Automation?

If this insight into the value of using marketing automation in Ft. Myers, FL for your business has piqued your curiosity, contact us at Smargasy. Our experienced, talented programmers can create customized solutions for your business that help you work smarter, not harder. This includes robust marketing automation tools, and intuitive, cross-platform proprietary software. For more information on our services or to schedule a free consultation, contact us today.

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