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What is VoIP? The Complete Guide to Voice Over IP Calling

Communication is the key to every business, whether it is internally between different departments or externally to reach out to new clients. However, the modes of communication are quickly changing with new advancements in technology. But with the new pathways to communication, come the endless hurdles of call drops and poor networks. Any SEO agency near you, then, would suggest going for VoIP instead. VoIP or Voice over Internet Protocol, has replaced the traditional methods of calling and has also proven beneficial for companies.

Here is a complete guide to voice-over-internet protocol calls.

What is VoIP?

Voice over internet protocol or VoIP is a technology allowing you to make or receive an audio phone call over the internet. You can also video call, share multimedia messages, record calls, forward calls, and send voicemails with VoIP. Using VoIP reduces the need for physical space that a traditional phone connection would require. It also improves the quality of calls and reduces the various costs associated with traditional calling services.

What is the Difference Between VoIP and Traditional Phone Calls?

Traditional phones like landlines require copper wires to establish a connection and therefore are physically localized. VoIP phones do not rely on these wires. They use fast internet instead to make or receive calls and hence, are not bound to a single physical location.

How Does VoIP Work?

Traditional phone calls work by exchanging small data signals of messages between the receiver and the caller over an analog-wired connection. VoIP also shares small data signals between the receiver and the caller but over high-speed internet which facilitates exchanges to and from anywhere in the world within microseconds.

Here is how VoIP communication provided by Fort Myers digital marketing company works-

Step #1: First, your VoIP phone will be connected to your router or Local Area Network (LAN).

Step #2: When you dial a number on your VoIP device, it connects you to your VoIP service provider. They in turn call the other party on your behalf.

Step #3: Once the call is connected, the VoIP provider will exchange the small data signals of messages between you and the receiver.

Step #4: Your VoIP device then converts these data signals into audio messages for you to understand them easily.

Benefits of VoIP-

#1- Lower costs: Traditional phone calls are very costly. VoIP uses the internet and hence businesses have realized significant savings by switching.

#2- Better sound quality: Audio exchanged over the internet is not muffled, providing both the receiver and the caller with a high-quality phone call.

#3- International calling: Traditional phone calls often failed to or levied too many charges to place international calls. However, VoIP calls provided by online reputation management services can be quickly placed anywhere in the world at the same costs and higher quality.

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