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Understanding How to Best Use Email Newsletter Campaigns

Customers have short memories and limited attention spans. Therefore, it’s important to find ways to stay continually engaged with customers, even after they’ve already made a purchase from you. Sending out an email newsletter is a tried-and-true way to keep in touch with customers. However, it’s important to develop a carefully planned email newsletter campaign so that people are excited to see your emails.

Turn one-time customers into repeat customers.

When customers make a purchase from you, you have a great opportunity to get their contact information so that you can follow up with an email newsletter. You may also create an email opt-in form on your website. You can even incentivize signups with a one-time discount for new subscribers. Once you have an email list, you won’t want to bombard subscribers with constant emails. However, sending monthly or bi-weekly updates can be a great way to keep in touch with informative content that aligns with customers’ interests as well as offers that bring them back to your store.

Keep people up to date on your latest products and specials.

One of the more exciting ways to utilize an email newsletter is to provide insider info for your subscribers. That might mean providing a sneak peek of new products or subscriber-only sales events. Of course, your offers don’t have to be exclusive to email subscribers—you can use your newsletter to announce seasonal sales, new products, and specials.

Offer information about your lesser-known services.

Perhaps you have a popular product or service that gets customers through your doors, but you also offer services that aren’t as well-known. Your email newsletter can allow you to showcase these offerings with high-quality images and convenient calls to action that drive more customers to your business.

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