Top 5 Ways to Optimize Your Website’s Performance

One of the first ways a potential customer will learn about your business is by visiting your website. Optimizing your website in Ft. Myers, FL improves the user experience, reduces your need for website maintenance, boosts your rankings in search engine results, and improves page load times.

Use Search Engine Optimization

Using search engine optimization (SEO) ensures that your page has the information search engine crawlers need to confirm it’s a real site offering real services. Robust, strategic SEO can improve your rankings in search results and direct more customers to your site. The key SEO techniques you should be using to optimize your website are page titles, strategic keywords, geographic tags, quality and engaging content, and a sitemap.

Use Calls to Action

A call to action (CTA) encourages a site visitor to perform a specific task, like signing up for emails, contacting you, or making an appointment. This makes a swift impact on visitors and increases the likelihood you’ll hear from them.

Provide Social Media Links

You can increase customer interaction and grow your customer base by incorporating social media links into your website. Offer an incentive for social media follows, like a discount.

Improve Your Landing Pages

You can also optimize your website performance by improving the use of landing pages. Rather than having ads, pop up banners, and other re-directs send customers to your home page, have them directed as specific landing pages more applicable to what the customer wants.

Optimize for Mobile

Optimizing your website for mobile will make it easier for customers browsing on smartphones, tablets, and other devices. When your site is optimized for mobile traffic, it will load faster and look better, improving the user experience.

Let Us Help You Optimize Your Website

Ready to learn more about the benefits of optimizing your website in Ft. Myers, FL? Just contact us at Smargasy. We offer custom website development, mobile websites, web hosting, content marketing, and onsite SEO that will make your website more effective, attractive, and easy to use. For more information on our services or to schedule a free consultation, contact us today

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