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Top 5 Reasons Your Business Needs a Website

If you don’t yet have a business website, it’s definitely time to invest in one. This is especially true given the new normal of the COVID era. COVID has changed how people are interacting with others and with businesses. Much of everyday life—from buying groceries to chatting with loved ones—now takes place in the digital world. As such, your business needs to meet your customers where they are.

A business website can support safe social distancing.

Many people are being careful about limiting their in-person interactions. They often prefer to find what they need online. Your business website can allow your customers—and your staff—to support public health and safety by reducing unnecessary trips out into the community.

Websites are a lifeline for temporarily shuttered businesses.

A business website can keep your company running even when your physical location has had to close its doors. This can be true even for businesses that typically require an in-person presence. For example, consider a hair salon. A hair salon owner can keep the company going by using the business website to offer curbside pickup and delivery of professionally mixed hair dye for customers.

A business website will keep your customers informed.

Customers no longer take for granted that a business will be open when they arrive at the location during normal hours. You can use your business website to post important announcements, such as changes in hours or policies on mask-wearing.

Websites improve a company’s reputation and trustworthiness.

Few businesses are truly one-of-a-kind. Chances are your company is competing with many other similar businesses in your area. One of the most significant ways people choose a particular company is by evaluating its perceived credibility and trustworthiness. With a business website, your company will appear more trustworthy and authoritative. This is crucial for standing out from the crowd during the COVID era, in which consumers are being more careful with their dollars.

Customers can find your website no matter where they are.

Even though COVID-related restrictions have eased in many areas, health-conscious individuals are often still hesitant to spend too much time in populated places. They prefer to find what they need online. If you have a business website, your company can market to your demographic, even if they’re stuck at home.

When you’re ready to take your business to the next level with a custom-designed website, get in touch with the friendly folks at Smargasy. As cybersecurity experts, we build top-notch security directly into every website we design. Call us in Fort Myers, FL, at (239) 214-8592 to chat about your vision for your business website.

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