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Tips for Developing a Winning Social Media Strategy for the New Year

The importance of social media marketing strategies isn’t exactly breaking news. Marketers have long known that businesses that are prominent on social media tend to get more traffic and more conversions. Yet, what is catching their attention in recent months is the unprecedented surge in traffic. The COVID-19 pandemic has been fueling a significant upsurge in social media traffic. In fact, about half of all U.S. adults report having increased engagement with social media platforms due to the pandemic. Since this upward trend will likely continue into the New Year, it’s worth taking a closer look at your social media strategy.

Refocus on wellness.

There has been an uptick in wellness-related content this past year, and experts predict that this trend will continue well into 2021. With all of the challenges of 2020, people are searching for balance in their lives. Look for a way to refocus your brand on wellness—either physical, mental, or spiritual—and post relevant wellness-related content on your social media platforms.

Develop content with a conscience.

Audiences have been responding well to brands that publish cause-driven content with a social conscience. Whether it’s social justice, humanitarianism, or environmentalism, developing a social conscience for your brand will help it resonate better with your audience.

Prioritize inclusion and diversity.

Social awareness of systemic inequalities has been growing by leaps and bounds. Make sure your social media strategy for 2021 is mindfully developed to reflect the values of your demographic. For example, if you’re planning photo shoots to generate social media content, use a diverse selection of subjects. And you shouldn’t stop there. Today’s savvy consumers look beyond the veneer. They respond well to brands that are genuinely committed to positive change. Look for ways to improve diversity and inclusion throughout your company—and of course, post about these changes on social media.

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