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Three Steps to Building Trust with Online Reviews

The easiest, most cost-effective ways to manage the online reputation of your business are developing and maintaining a loyal customer base. If your business has negative online reviews, you risk losing the customers you do have, and ensuring you don’t get any new ones. More and more customers are engaging with businesses online, for better or worse. Tapping into the potential for positive online reviews and a stellar online reputation using these helpful steps will help you keep a loyal customer base.

1. Encourage Reviews Right After Purchase

Sending out an email to a customer shortly after they have made a purchase can be a quick, easy way to elicit a positive online review. Customer follow-up creates a positive impression of your brand, and providing a link at which the customer can write an online review, while they still have that positive interaction in mind, will result in greater success.

2. Offer Discounts in Exchange for Reviews

A great way to keep your customers engaged and encourage a positive impression of your brand is by offering a discount to customers who post an online review. Not only are you more likely to get a positive review, but you’re also making it likely for a customer to visit again in order to use their discount code!

3. Make It Easy for Customers to Share Their Experience

While digital marking, social media, and word-of-mouth advertising make it much easier for customers to engage with brands on a large scale, people still have very short attention spans. Leaving an online review should be as easy as possible so that the customer doesn’t forget or forgo the process entirely. Make it easy for the customer to leave an online review by creating a one-step form that can be completed directly from a targeted email.

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