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The Real Reason Why You Need to Update Your Business Listing on Google Maps

With so many online services that you can use to increase awareness of your business or brand, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. Claiming your business location on Google My Business, which includes Google Maps, is a free, easy, and useful way to ensure your business is easy to find and accessible for customers.

What Is Google My Business?

Google My Business is a free tool created by Google that allows business owners to design a business profile that features the business name, address, phone numbers, website URL, hours of operation, photos, and customer reviews. This information will show up at the top of search results when a customer Googles your business. The profile also includes a Google Maps widget that shows your business location and can provide customers with directions to your business.

Why It’s Crucial to Claim Your Business Listing

The main reason it’s so important for you to claim your business listing on Google My Business is that it provides a valuable tool to both you and your customers that increases your visibility on the web. It also allows you to make sure that your business’ information is accurate and up to date. It’s frustrating for customers to be faced with inaccurate business hours, phone numbers, or website info for a business, and inaccurate information may result in them turning to your competitors. It’s also possible for your competitors to claim your business listing fraudulently, or update your listing with incorrect information that will cost you customers. Claiming your business listing gives you control and allows you to secure the information listed so no one else can edit it.

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