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The Importance of Brand Personality

No matter what your company sells, it’s not enough to simply have a great product. You also need to have a brand that resonates with customers. That way, they will keep coming back to do business with you. Brand personality should be something you think about in every piece of marketing material for your business. Here’s a closer look at why.

What is brand personality?

Brand personality, or brand identity, allows customers to make an emotional connection to your brand. You can think of it as the mood you want people to feel when they think of your company. There are a few common brand personalities you might select from, such as Youthful/Exciting, Sincere/Authentic, Competent/Knowledgeable, Sophisticated/High End, and Rugged/Outdoorsy. For some brands, the personality type will be a natural fit. For example, a camping store would easily identify as more rugged and outdoorsy than sophisticated and elegant. However, you may also gravitate toward a hybrid of these personalities or something unique and all your own.

Why does brand personality matter?

Implemented well, brand personality will show through in your logo, commercials, social media posts, web copy, and blogs. It’s what speaks to the brand personas you’ve worked hard to develop with your marketing agency. With the right brand personality, you can better capture the attention of your target audience.

Consider the following example: A local grocery store in a hip, developing neighborhood wants to attract young parents to shop with them rather than the national chain grocer down the road. To stand out, they develop a fun and trendy brand personality with a brightly colored logo, bold marketing taglines, and a high-engagement social media campaign. With a Youthful/Exciting personality, this newer—and likely more expensive—store can distinguish themselves from the national chain that relies on a Sincere/Authentic approach that might appeal more to older adults.

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