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The 9 Most Innovative Web Design Trends for 2022

Websites are the first interaction you have with your prospective customers, and while most companies have focused on creating web pages that promote their products and services, it is no longer the case. Designers have started designing websites as a piece of art from the 80s and 90s with advanced features that give us a peek into the exciting future that lays ahead of us. There is so much more to catch up on the web designing trends that you will need a web design company in Fort Myers to help you.

Let us look at the nine most innovative web design trends from a web design company near you that are heading your way in 2022!

Trend #1- Memphis Design: The web design filled with eye-widening, chaotic shapes and patterns in the 1980s defied minimalism entirely. However, most modern designers from SEO agencies near you create minimalist websites. With Memphis designs, you can ensure your viewer doesn’t forget about you long after they are gone.

Trend #2- Typographic Hero Images: Hero images are responsible for carrying the weight of sending your message to your viewer while being subtle about it. Fort Myers SEO company can now use tasteful lettering styles to create a hero image for your first impression.

Trend #3- Retro Revolution: The earlier times of the internet did not have any rules, and the term web designers did not even exist. The people designing websites used everything at their disposal and filled the web pages with bright background colors, visible table layouts, and robotic typefaces.

Trend #4- Visible Borders: Web designs are created with the illusion of a false frame to show that the text and content are all aligned neatly. But the websites are built on digital codes under a strict grid. Similarly, in 2022, web designers are looking for simple borders and frames.

Trend #5- Creating Mini-Sites: Web developers are now deploying humor and fun into their websites to capture user attention. Creating mini-sites allows web design in Fort Myers to experiment with new techniques like playful UX designs.

Trend #6- Use of Engaging Interactives: Web designers have made websites interactive with animations. While they were mainly in the hero sections and page transitions before, now designers aim at improving interactions and user experiences with it.

Trend #7- Using Brutally-Honest Designs: Neo-brutalism was a huge thing in the 50s through to the 70s. It advertised the true honesty of the business presented in the barest form.

Trend #8- Moving Texts: Typography is not just about conveying information but can do a lot more. Animations are usually reserved for graphics and page transitions. Moving texts will be a new and welcoming trend.

Trend #9- Handmade Graphics: Technology has advanced in web designing but creating a relatable interface through DIY graphics is an expected gift in 2022.

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