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Telling a Story Through Branding

What is the goal of your branding strategy? Naturally, your branding and marketing efforts will all be working toward one ultimate goal: more sales. However, there are lots of smaller goals to shoot for that will eventually pay off with increased sales and customer loyalty. For example, working to tell a story in your branding will yield stronger connections with your current and potential customers, cultivating valuable brand loyalty that can last a lifetime. To tell a story with your brand, follow these helpful steps in brainstorming your digital marketing strategy.

Recount your brand’s journey.

Every brand has a story, and every good story includes a problem, conflict, and resolution. Think about what these are for your brand. What is the primary problem that your business is trying to solve? What challenges have stood in your way? How have you overcome that adversity? Answering these questions through your website content and blog will help customers connect with your brand in a deeper way so they feel compelled to keep coming back to your business.

Pinpoint values and goals for your brand.

Recounting your journey should make this next step a breeze. Now that your brand is established, what values do you represent? How have conflicts and challenges along the way shaped those goals? Ideally, your values will not only reflect the interests of your business, but also the community you serve.

Develop your branding pillars.

Now that you have the raw materials of your story, it’s time to bring that story into your brand messaging with essential branding pillars. These will include your tagline, the personality reflected in your written content, and your brand’s stances on important issues in your industry and community. These pillars will guide your entire content strategy, from your blogs to your social media posts.

Find your story and develop your brand with Smargasy. Our passion is helping businesses succeed in their digital marketing efforts with exceptional branding solutions. Get started with us by calling (239) 214-8592.

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