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Spice Up Your Email Marketing Campaigns This Year

Email marketing has a remarkably high return on investment. In fact, more than half of marketers state that their best ROI comes from this medium. As you might expect, email marketing has grown during the COVID-19 pandemic, with professionals reporting that they’ve been sending about 27% more emails. Since the pandemic is expected to last well into next year, this trend in email marketing can also be relied upon to stick around. You can use the following strategies to spice up your campaigns in 2021.

Focus on hyper-personalized email marketing content.

Savvy email marketers have long known that personalization matters. A marketing email that has a personalized subject line and is addressed to the recipient’s name is more likely to be opened, read, and clicked through to the company’s website. In 2021, this might not be enough.

Consumers want email content that seems like it was created especially for them. If your mailing list contains thousands (or even just hundreds) of addresses, this is quite clearly impossible. However, you can mimic this level of hyper-personalization by using segmentation based on criteria such as interests, purchase history, behavior, and location.

Use (occasional) text-only emails.

Aside from the intent of the email, what is the one major difference between a marketing email and every other email? Marketing emails tend to lean heavily on images, GIFs, and other graphics. They typically include just a few snippets of text plugged into a snazzy-looking template, complete with brand colors.

There is nothing inherently wrong with a flashy marketing email. However, it can sometimes feel too impersonal—especially during these turbulent times. As a result, the best way to spice up your email campaigns may be to tone them down. Set your brand apart from the crowd by sending an occasional text-only email. To your customers, it will feel almost as if they’re receiving a personal letter from a friend.

AtSmargasy, Inc., we understand the value of a well-planned email marketing campaign. Our team of expert digital marketers will create responsive templates designed for your brand, along with email copy that keeps your customers engaged. Call us in Fort Myers, FL, at (239) 214-8592 to discuss your email marketing needs for 2021.

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