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Search engine marketing Fort Myers, FL, (“SEM”) levels the playing field for advertising online. It is the best way to promote services and products, and for growing your business. But it requires a deft hand. It’s not easy to convince a consumer to click in your favor. Creative and innovative solutions have to be designed and applied which are specific to a business’s goals, audience and products.

Quick Overview

SEM uses SERPs (search engine results pages) to attract consumers. Keywords supplied by the likes of Bing and Google allows your ads to appear on pages that result from unique search queries. This is a powerful opportunity to reach customers who interested in information about you.


Keyword application isn’t as simple as putting “sneaker” or “pre-owned car” into your campaigns. Everyone’s doing that. It’s about developing a campaign that reaches beyond the obvious. Keywords are a linchpin between you and potential customers.

Teamwork in Preparing SEM

SEM experts produce keywords and terms that will lead to you specifically. They research to see what doesn’t work and how to optimize campaigns for the best ROI. Letting an experienced consultant work with you ensures business growth without taking your focus away from the business. The partnership puts you in a position to see all the possibilities for the best engagement and analytics.

Smargasy provides services for search engine marketing Fort Myers, FL, CRM and B2B and B2C services. If you want to know more about how to use SEM to your company’s advantage, contact Smargasy today at or call (239) 214 8592!

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