5 Qualities of a Great Website

You can get thousands of pre-made website design templates to create a basic website. However, just like you had to find something unique about your brand to contest with your competitors, you should also build a website that speaks your motives loud and clear. Websites are akin to a spokesperson for your company. It defines and represents your entire business to your prospects. Hiring a web design company near you can help you create a unique website that will showcase your brand in a way that gives you an edge over your competitors.

Here are five qualities of a great website that your web design company in Fort Myers should know!

What is a Good Website?

The aim of a good website is not just to showcase the various products and services that the company provides its users. A good website should also consider the following to stand out in the competitive market:

  • The users: A company is built by its consumer base, and keeping them happy with its services is what every brand should aspire to. 
  • Search engines: If you want to reach higher rankings in SERPs, you will need to give search engines what they want to satisfy their algorithms. An SEO agency near you will help you build a robust website that also ranks high in search results.
  • The brand: A good website will generate new traffic, conversions, and leads, keeping the business happy.

What are the Qualities of a Great Website?

Quality #1- It has great content: Every good website has great quality content. And high-quality content is one that a viewer relates to. Moreover, search engine crawlers can only understand and rank your website if your content is reliable and answers consumer queries.

Quality #2- It has a structured design: A user can find your products and services quickly without wasting time with a structured website design, improving the user experience. A structured layout also helps search engine crawlers understand your data better, giving you higher rankings.

Quality #3- It has multiple device optimization: Search engines have several algorithms. To rank higher, ask your Fort Myers SEO company to optimize your website for various devices, like computers, tablets, and mobiles.

Quality #4- It loads quickly: Many options are available to a user today. If a website takes too long to load, users will simply move to another website, reducing your view counts.

Quality #5- It has company information: Your website content and design could be great. But if it does not provide your prospective consumer with some contact information about you, they would have a hard time trusting your brand. Ask your web design Fort Myers company to add a contact page with a well-designed contact form, email, phone number, and address to your website.

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