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Maximizing Website Performance with Hosting Services from Smargasy

Your company’s website is the first place most customers will turn to learn more about your business services and products. The most important factors that contribute to an amazing user experience that keeps customers on your site longer are website speed, menu hierarchy and navigation, and mobile optimization. Here’s a look at how our experienced web design, development, and web hosting team at Smargasy can help you maximize your website’s performance.

Optimizing Website Speed

High-performance websites result in a better user experience, more time spent on the site, more return visits, lower bounce rates, higher engagement and conversions, and higher rankings in search engine results. Our web hosting team focuses on optimizing website speed to improve:

  • Usability – Website usability is measured by page speed, load time, and responsiveness to queries. The more usable a website is, the higher user satisfaction will be, and the more likely a customer is to return.
  • Visibility – Your website’s load time influences its ranking in search engine results. Google considers website speed when ranking sites.
  • Conversion – Your website’s menu hierarchy, content, load speed, and calls to action all influence how high your conversion rate is. Our web design team ensures all web features contribute to maximum performance and conversion.

Customizable Web Hosting Plans

We don’t offer one-size-fits-all solutions because we know that not all companies are the same. We offer a wide range of plans for web hosting and cloud solutions so it’s easy to find one that meets your needs, goals, and budget.

Scalable Solutions

You want your website to grow along with your business. As you gain more traffic and start expanding your services or product line, your website needs to be able to keep up with demand. At Smargasy, we offer scalable web hosting solutions so that you never need to pay for a service you don’t yet need, but it’s easy to get the support, performance, and bandwidth upgrades you need when you need them.

At Smargasy, our skilled, highly experienced web design team offers safe, secure, and reliable web hosting services in Ft. Myers, FL. Call us today at (239) 214-8592 to schedule a free initial consultation with us or contact us online.

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