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Marketing Automation: A Guide to Success

Marketing automation allows you to schedule key marketing tasks ahead of time, so they occur according to a strategic and timed workflow. This allows you to work more efficiently, convert more leads, and drive revenue. If you’re considering marketing automation in Ft. Myers, FL, follow our guide to success.

The Basics of Marketing Automation

Marketing automation is the automation of certain marketing efforts and tasks using specialized software and workflows. The workflows are triggered by a customer action, such as filling out an online contact form, subscribing to your email list, or making a purchase or appointment. Some of the most common tasks that small business owners in Ft. Myers, FL use marketing automation for are:

  • posting on social media
  • responding to web inquiries
  • confirming appointments or requests for contact
  • confirming email list signup
  • sending pre-written emails or messages
  • collecting information from site visitors or customers

Different Types of Marketing Automation

Marketing automation should complement, not replace, your traditional digital marketing strategy. You can choose to use one or all of the following types of marketing automation depending on your needs:

  • Email marketing automationsending or responding to emails, triggered by time or action
  • Social media marketing automation – scheduling content, setting social media monitoring filters, and automating responses to inquiries
  • Mobile marketing automation – automated text alerts and push notifications

Strategy for Marketing Automation

Your marketing automation strategy should be to free up your time, standardize your company’s response to certain triggers, and increase customer satisfaction and engagement. Marketing automation should never replace direct human-to-human contact, and it should be overseen and monitored by an actual human. Your marketing automation will be more successful if you know your audience, engage your customers on their journey, and review the workflows on a regular basis.

Set Up Marketing Automation Today With Our Help

If you’re interested in setting up marketing automation in Ft. Myers, FL for your business, contact us at Smargasy. We offer comprehensive digital marketing services, including software development, and we can design customized marketing software for your company that improves the flow and structure of your advertising. For more information on our services or to schedule a free consultation, contact us today.

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