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Leverage Social Media to Drive Revenue this Month

Social media is one of the most lucrative tools a business can use to reach their target audience, grow their customer base, and drive revenue. If you’re interested in leveraging your social media in Ft. Myers, FL or beyond to increase your revenue this month and throughout 2023, read on to find out how.

Meet Your Audience Where They Are

Learn as much as you can about your target audience, and then meet them where they are. Combine display ads, pay-per-click (PPC) search ads, and remarketing to put your ads in front of your customers where they are, when they are ready for them.

Recruit Brand Ambassadors

Brand ambassadors are regular customers who care about and are in line with your branding. You can recruit them to be brand advocates by offering them products and promotions in exchange for social media posts, videos, and tutorials. Look for followers who comment a lot on your posts, and then check their account to see if they have a significant follower base. If they do, invite them to collaborate.

Curate and Share Reviews

Most customers look to reviews as evidence of how your company actually treats customers, and positive reviews can go a long way with word of mouth marketing. By offering incentives like discounts, you can encourage customer reviews and share them on your social media platforms to generate interest and buzz.

Use Paid Social Media Ads

Nearly every social media platform now has opportunities for paid advertising. Using these services can put your ads in front of a wider audience, growing your followers and potential customer base far more than you could organically. With a small upfront investment, you can attract significant new customers.

Learn More About Social Media Marketing in Ft. Myers, FL

If you want to learn more about how to use social media in Ft. Myers to increase your revenue and gain customers, contact us at Smargasy today. Our marketing experts specialize in social media marketing, Facebook advertising, and reputation management. To learn more or schedule a strategy session, call us today at (239) 214-8592 or contact us online today.

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