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Is Online Reputation Related to SEO?

With over 227 million consumers using the web to make purchases, there’s a clear audience out there for your online marketing. It’s almost a guarantee that your customers are making decisions about what to buy based on the results of their internet searches. SEO puts your business front and center when a potential customer is looking for the products or services you provide. Managing your online reputation ensures that consumers are getting the right impression when they do find you through search. Because online reputation is tied to SEO in this way, it’s important to think of them in tandem. 

Careful SEO helps you rise to the top. 

What do you want customers to find when they search for your company’s name? Ideally, you want your own website to be the top result so that you’re controlling the narrative of your brand. Achieving this requires careful and consistent SEO strategies across all your onsite pages. A good SEO strategy won’t only optimize your whole site, but it will optimize the specific pages on your site that you want to rank the highest for specific search terms. This means that customers will find your company’s site and start exploring it through the entry points that highlight your top-selling products and services.  

Review sites’ SEO can challenge your brand.

The last thing your business wants is for customers to search for you and find negative reviews. Unfortunately, search engine algorithms place value on the domain authority of sites like Yelp where negative reviews may be found. To combat the impact of negative reviews, you need to carefully manage your online reputation, so that your SEO results aren’t undermined by negative reviews that also pop up in search. 

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