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Improving Conversions Through Paid Campaigns

Do you tend to get a healthy number of visitors to your website but find that they don’t follow through by making a purchase? Or maybe you are finding it difficult to climb the ranks in organic search for keywords that are relevant to your business. In either situation, a paid search campaign can help. Paid advertising on search is an effective way to propel your business to the top of search results and increase conversions. Keep reading to learn about improving conversions through paid campaigns.

Paid campaigns get clicks.

If you aren’t sure whether paid search results are effective, consider this: 41% of clicks on a search engine results page are attributed to the top 3 paid ad spots. That means almost half of users click on paid results. That’s for a good reason. These results take up the best real estate on the page, so they’re the most visible for users. Paid results are also chosen for their relevance to search queries, so they are likely to offer exactly what a user is looking for in their search.

Landing pages can encourage user action.

When a user does click on a paid ad, they will be taken to a landing page that is designed to spark user action. The goal of your ad may be to make an online sale, book appointments, or have users sign up for your company’s newsletter. Regardless of your goal, your landing page will be optimized to encourage users to act immediately. Incentivizing your offer with a limited-time discount or exclusive product access can ensure that you’ll see improved conversions with your paid campaign.

Paid ads can target users who are already interested in your brand.

One distinctive benefit of paid campaigns is the ability to target a specific audience. A common strategy is retargeting, which means that your ad will only be shown to users who have interacted with your website before but not yet made a purchase. Repeated exposure to your brand can increase the likelihood of conversion as you build trust among users.

Designing an effective paid campaign takes experience and know-how, which you’ll find with Smargasy. We can help you launch a high-converting campaign that boosts your ad spend ROI and helps your business grow. Learn more about what we can do by calling (239) 214-8592 for a short strategy meeting.

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