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How to Manage Your Company’s Social Media Presence

Modern branding practices essentially require that businesses have a presence on social media. Most businesses are found on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, although some will choose other social platforms as well. No matter which social media sites you use, it’s important to continue managing your presence so that audiences remain interested in your brand. A poorly managed social media presence will do about as much for your brand as no presence on social media at all—in fact, it could actively damage your business’s image online. To make sure you’re sending out the right message on your preferred social media platforms, follow these tips:

Post Quality Social Media Content Often

Social media is a constantly evolving landscape where content doesn’t have a long lifespan. Therefore, you need to post regularly to keep people looking at your page. Creating an editorial calendar can help you plan out relevant, timely posts that will resonate with your audience and schedule them ahead of time. Just remember, anything you post should be interesting, relevant to your business, and high-quality. It is okay to post links directing readers to other sites, but those links should still meet your own quality standards.

Engage with Your Audience

It’s not enough to simply put up new posts and ignore any comments or likes. Actively engage your audience by replying to their comments and using messenger tools on Instagram and Facebook. You can also drive engagement with your posts by utilizing quizzes, polls, and contests that spark more comments, likes, and shares.

Utilize Visual Content

Anyone who regularly uses social media likely follows several brands, influencers, and friends. As a result, their feeds are packed with posts, and it may be tough to stand out. Make sure that anything you post on social media captures attention visually first. Videos, animations, infographics, and real photos of your business in action will all help boost your social media presence.

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