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How to Drive New Customers to Your Site

The first place that most new customers will learn about your business is online. If your website is clunky, slow, and out of date, you won’t attract new customers, and your Google ranking will suffer. You can drive new customers to your site in Ft. Myers, FL using these unexpected yet simple techniques.

Explore New Social Media Platforms

While most companies are well-versed in the benefits of using Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook to advertise and drive traffic, there are other social media platforms that can increase engagement and gain new followers:

  • Pinterest – Regardless of your products, services, or industry, you can use Pinterest to get attention in search engine results. You can use Pinterest boards to promote services, share how-tos, post photos of products, and advertise blog posts on your website.
  • YouTube – YouTube is the second most popular search engine in the world, yet is woefully underused by business. Simple, quick videos can advertise your products and services and direct viewers to your website for more.
  • WhatsApp – Facebook acquired WhatsApp in 2014, and it now offers a platform for business users. WhatsApp for Business allows businesses to create a profile that includes their products and services and links to their website.


Collaborating with someone else in your industry will bring you in front of an entirely new audience and demographic. It can be as simple as having someone guest write a blog post on your site, or as involved as going live on Instagram and Facebook with a guest host.

Refresh and Repurpose Your Content

You shouldn’t reuse or copy and paste content throughout your site, as that will actually lower your Google ranking. However, you can refresh and repurpose content frequently. Your search engine ranking will improve if you frequently add new content to your website, and showing up higher in search engine results means more new visitors to your site.

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