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How to Create Brand Awareness With Social Media

You already know how important social media marketing is to converting leads, reaching your target demographic, and encouraging customer loyalty. Social media is also an amazing tool for creating brand awareness. With strong, cohesive branding in Ft. Myers, FL, your company’s logo and advertising will quickly stand out and become synonymous with the products and services in your industry.

Ensure Social Profiles Are Complete and Consistent

Consistency is key in advertising, and consistent branding throughout your social media sites lets your customers know that they’ve come to the right place. If some of your social media accounts are blank or inactive, customers may not trust your brand and might even think you’ve gone out of business! Make sure that each social media account has a profile picture, social media bio, links to your website and other social media accounts, and a contact button.

Only Use Social Media Platforms That Matter to Your Brand

Not all social media accounts are created equal, and they might not all be useful or applicable to your branding. If your business is estate planning, you probably don’t need to be active on TikTok and Pinterest. But if you’re selling jewelry or installing flooring, you want to use any image-heavy social media platform that allows you to share your portfolio and highlight your finished pieces.

Create a Posting Schedule

Automating your posts not only frees up your time, but also ensures you’re posting on a reliable schedule. This is important to social media algorithms, because the more often you post, the higher you’ll rank in searches and feeds. Be consistent with your posting across all platforms – you don’t want customers to be confused about why they’re seeing a sale advertised on one platform and not another.

Learn More About Brand Awareness With Our Help

If you need help developing cohesive branding in Ft. Myers, FL for your business, contact us at Smargasy. We specialize in social media marketing, content marketing, display advertising, and other strategic tools that can increase your brand awareness and grow your customer base. For more information on our services or to schedule a free consultation, contact us today.

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