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How to Control Your Online Reputation

Online reputations are becoming increasingly important to companies as many consumers base their purchasing decisions on a company’s reputation. Despite this, many businesses take a passive approach to managing their online standing. We’ll discuss both the importance of your online status and why you should actively manage it. 

Your online reputation can be described as how people view your company. Factors like media releases and advertisements form part of your standing. However, you usually have total control over those elements. Online reviews also form a critical part of your online reputation, and you typically have very little control over how people present your company in their evaluations. People with a negative impression of your company usually share their complaints with between nine and 20 people. Their negative opinions of your company might be preventing other people from using your services. Ninety-one percent of people read reviews when considering whether to use a local company. If you have less than four stars, they probably won’t use your company. That’s why it’s essential to play an active role in protecting your online reputation. However, what are the best ways of doing this? 

Let’s start by talking about how we can help you manage these negative reviews. As we’ve seen, negative reviews can have a significant impact on potential customers and may even cause some of them to avoid your service. You can, however, do some things to reduce the effects of negative reviews. First, you can use our services to create a more effective feedback process. If people feel that you listen to their complaints through an internal process, they may be less likely to leave a negative online review. Building this process may help you effectively reduce the number of negative reviews that are published. For negative reviews that do get published, you need to engage with the reviewer. Consider their criticism and implement practices that will stop those problems from occurring again. Then, report these changes back to the reviewer and politely ask if they will try your service again. If they don’t experience any problems, you can request that they remove or amend their original review. Even if they don’t, other people will see that you have made positive changes based on their feedback. That’s why Smargasy Inc. has created software that automatically alerts you when a new review is published, allowing you to instantly respond to negative reviews. Now that we know how to take a more active role in dealing with negative reviews, let’s look at how you can get more people to leave a positive review. 

For many businesses, there will be more satisfied customers than dissatisfied ones. The key to getting a positive online reputation is making sure that this balance is accurately represented in your review scores. The key to doing this is making sure that it’s easy for people to leave a positive review. Software offered by Smargasy Inc. makes it easy for you to include links to review sites. Then satisfied customers can share their opinions. The software will also remind people to leave a review if they accidentally forget. Making it easy for your customers to leave reviews will help you get more five-star reviews, which will increase business. Having current reviews is important because 73 percent of people believe that old reviews are not valid — also, the more people that leave a positive review, the higher your star ranking. A high-ranking star ranking is crucial because it tells people in an instant how trustworthy your business is. Now that you have some positive reviews coming in, you need to make sure that they get seen. 

As a business owner, you know how much hard work you need to do to earn a positive review. After all that effort, you want as many people as possible to see the reviewer’s kind words. Widely sharing these positive testimonials will attract more people to your business and may be enough to encourage prospective clients to make a purchase. Also, a positive review might be enough to remind a previous client of the positive experience that they had with your company and convince them to come back and make another purchase. Therefore, Smargasy Inc. has software that automatically allows you to share positive reviews online. We will make sure that these reviews get placed onto your social media pages, where people can like and share them. Having good reviews on your social media page may even encourage people to leave a comment describing a positive experience that they had with your business. Once these systems are established, you still need to have a way of monitoring how effective they are. 

A crucial part of having an excellent online reputation is monitoring what people are saying about your business online. However, many business owners have better things to do than scrawling through online review sites to see what people are saying about them. That’s why Smargasy Inc. created software that would track online conversations and give you simple updates. The tracking of online discussions will provide you with a snapshot of how well your online reputation is doing by preparing regular reports. Such reports will allow you to see what areas you need to improve and provide deep insights on how you can improve. You can get this information quickly and easily, so you can take control of your online reputation while running your business. 

People are increasingly relying on reviews to find what companies they will trust. If you aren’t in control of your online reputation, you might be missing out on getting customers. However, many businesses still have a passive approach to their online standing. We’ve shared some great tips to help you play an active role in shaping how your business is perceived online. We’ve also discussed how software developed by Smargasy Inc. can make this process trouble-free and more effective. So, investigate our software and how it can help you take control of your reviews and online reputation today. Then, you can reap the increased business this provides tomorrow. 

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