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How to Build a Website and Attract Visitors in 3 Easy Steps

With more and more customers choosing to shop online, it’s crucial that you build a website in Ft. Myers, FL that offers customers the information they need, so that they won’t choose to take their business elsewhere. Look at our guide to building a website and attracting visitors in three easy steps:

Commit to Company Branding and Stick with It

Before you begin to build a website in Ft. Myers, FL for your local business, you need to develop your company’s branding. Branding refers to the elements of your company’s marketing that make advertising immediately recognizable as belonging to you and only you. Your branding includes fonts, logos, colors, imagery, key phrases, and marketing tools that are consistent and cohesive throughout.

Make Your Website Easy to Find and Navigate

Building a website isn’t the last step in marketing for your business. When you build a website in Ft. Myers, FL you have to make sure that it is easy for your customers to find, and easy for them to navigate. The longer you can keep them on your company’s website, the more likely it is that they will become a customer rather than going to one of your competitors.

Develop a Comprehensive Business Marketing Campaign

After you build a website for your business, you need to make sure your customers know how to find it and what products and services you offer. At Smargasy, we can help you develop a comprehensive business marketing campaign that ensures that your target demographic is reached. We can design email marketing, social media advertising, pay per click advertising, and onsite and local SEO that is consistent with your company’s branding and tone.

Smargasy Can Build a Website in Ft. Myers, FL for Your Company

At Smargasy, we can build a website in Ft. Myers, FL for your company, as well as design a comprehensive online strategy that will drive traffic to your site, generate leads, and result in sales. Contact us today to set up a free strategy session with our experts.

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