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How COVID-19 Has Changed Digital Marketing

It seems as if the COVID-19 pandemic has changed pretty much everything, including digital marketing. Although you might assume that businesses have been scaling back on their marketing budgets, in truth, savvy business owners see these challenging times as an opportunity. Furthermore, the importance of digital marketing has been underscored by the fact that people are spending more time surfing the web at home, looking for goods and services.

Updating Keywords for the New Reality

When they look for goods and services that fit their needs, consumers are using new keywords. Keyword analytics reveal that some popular phrases include “curbside pickup near me” and “delivery service near me.” Of course, an incredibly large volume of consumers is also searching for “COVID-19,” with 5.9 billion results to choose from.

In response to this, digital marketers have been working these keyphrases into their campaigns to highlight the COVID-compliant services of their clients and attract more consumers. Website content for this era might emphasize a company’s curbside pickup and delivery services, for example, or their contact-free estimate process.

Striking the Right Tone with Visual Imagery

These days, seeing a TV commercial that shows unmasked people close together seems rather tone-deaf to COVID-adjusted consumers. As a result, companies have had to reshoot commercials to reflect the new reality. The same is true of digital marketing. Whether it’s for an explainer video, PPC ad, or featured image for a blog, digital marketers must carefully select the visual imagery to ensure it’s striking the right message and resonating in an appropriate way with consumers.

History demonstrates that the brands that invest more in advertising during economic downturns are those that are more likely to thrive well into the future. Strengthen your brand today by partnering with Smargasy Inc—a team of savvy digital marketers who are committed to updating our strategies to suit the times. Call us in Fort Myers, FL at (239) 214-8592 or click for your free consultation today!

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