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At Smargasy Inc. we are your source for pure business phone solutions. We offer a variety of business phone solutions to help keep your company up to date technologically as well as giving you the necessary tools to make you a front runner within your specific business field. All of our Business Phone Solutions utilize VoIP digital technology.

Is your current phone system in need of an overhaul? Our IP2Speech VoIP business phone system is your answer. Do you need a Hosted PBX? We have a State of Art Hosted Solution that is waiting in the cloud. Do you have a legacy phone system that is fairly recent? Well with our SIP Trunk Solution you will still be able to use it but gain the digital advantages of VoIP.

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How about a custom designed business phone solution? We have the know-how and the experts here to create a one-of- a-kind business phone solution for your company. Just give us a call and allow us to come give you a demonstration of how our phone solutions can be a huge benefit to your company. Whatever your need, Smargasy Inc. has you covered.

As stated above VoIP covers a broad spectrum of solutions for our company and yours. Our IP2SPEECH solution is the best solution for the digital age. It will allow your company the flexibility to not only be in the office but also out and about taking care of company business. Making it a relevant force and able to provide outstanding customer service which in turn allows for great customer satisfaction across the board.

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A cloud based hosted PBX solution that is completely managed for you. Our hosted PBX is a platform that is proven to increase productivity within your company as well as allow your company to provide excellent customer service resulting in greater customer satisfaction across the board. This solution can be easily integrated to work seamlessly with our VoIP solution IP2SPEECH.

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With our SIP trunking solution your business will be able to save revenue and still allow it to retain the investment already made on your premise based PBX. Our SIP Trunking solution will provide your company with a digital quality phone service that will give your various features like: multiple location deployment, on demand scalability, local E911 service, and unmatched disaster recovery.

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We at Smargasy pride ourselves on providing the best solutions for our customers. We can customize any of our solutions to work together or separately based on your company’s unique needs. Allow us to come to your business, sit with you and listen to exactly what you need. Our knowledgeable team will create a one of a kind solution for your company that will be beneficial to streamlining your company.

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