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Benefits of VoIP for your Business

Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is a technology that has been around since the mid 90’s. Since then it has gone through many changes and upgrades. One of the first business environments to use VoIP was the “Call Center” type. Now you will find it readily available for any type of business because it is scale-able. This means each system can be tailored to fit your business needs. From Doctor’s offices to Real Estate offices to Auto Dealerships and even the home based office. The possibilities are endless.

The following are just a few of the many benefits of using VoIP Technology for your business.

  • PORTABILITY: You can literally take your business with you. Because VoIP uses the internet for connection, you can plug in anywhere in the world, sign in to your company and immediately be connected.
  • MONEY SAVER: The cost of both the equipment and the service is much less than that of conventional phone systems. Long distance and international calls are also much less expensive.
  • ACCESSIBILITY: While being abroad, VoIP gives you the ability for videoconferencing; virtually attending meetings in the home office all while you are away attending to other business affairs. Thus making you multi-functional.
  • FLEXIBLE CONVERSION: You can still use your analog phones with VoIP, all you have to do is get a converter or adapter. This piece of equipment that is about the size of a USB thumb drive converts your phones analog signals in to a digital one. Allowing you the flexibility to plug it in to any computer using a high speed connection.
  • MOBILITY: VoIP allows you to assign virtual extensions (users). They can use their current smart phone and utilize an app that will connect them into your network. This will allow them to work freely outside the office but still be accessible for clients and co-workers.

So let us review, VoIP is a scale-able technology for your business and can be custom fit for it. You have the ability to literally take your business with you wherever you go. VoIP is a money saver that will help you keep that overhead lower. This will allow you the capability to pass those savings on to your clients. You can keep your current analog system if you choose and still be able to take advantage of the digital technology offered. Smartphones can be used as a virtual extension for those employees that work outside the office. As you can see there are many possibilities available by using VoIP.

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