Benefits of using a VoIP Hosted PBX for your Business

What exactly is a Hosted PBX and how will it benefit my Business? Ok, PBX stands for Private Branch Exchange. With the P.O.T.S. (Plain Old Telephone System) companies had to invest a large sum of money for the phone service equipment. Have you ever worked for a company with multiple extensions, but only a few actual phone numbers? Well if they are not using a VoIP system then they are using this scenario which is a PBX. You have an internal server someplace in the company, usually a closet or equipment room. This is where the conventional phone lines will connect instead of running a line to each individual extension (that would be VERY costly). Each phone can dial externally from the server. As well you can dial each individual phone internally by dialing either a 3 or 4 digit number.

So that explains a PBX, what is a Hosted PBX? Well to be honest it is very similar with one small exception. The server is actually based in the cloud. This will allow you the ability to still have multiple phone lines and you will have to dial an extension when you wish to dial one of the desk phones in your company. The result is less costly equipment and you can start to free up space with in your company. The following are just some of the benefits of using a Hosted PBX:

  • COST EFFECTIVE: It offers fewer expenses like you would get using a legacy system. In example downtime and repairs which go hand in hand with having to deal with on-site maintenance. Maintenance is usually performed by a third party company or by your system provider.
  • SCALABILITY: This means that it has the ability to grow with your company. Adding a new department? Just contact your provider and add the extensions and order the phones. When they arrive, just PLUG-N-PLAY. It’s that easy.
  • OFFSITE MAINTENANCE: The upkeep and servicing of the Hosted PBX equipment is done by your provider in an off-site location. So there is no need for investing resources like time, staff and money keeping that on-premise phone system up and running. You will have more up-time because the hosted system will not have to be taken offline for repairs or upgrades.
  • CALL RELIABILITY: No lapses, delays, or lagging response times. Crystal clear reception with HD quality so you will not miss a single word. Cloud based telephony has superior quality over traditional P.O.T.S.
  • DISASTER RECOVERY: When and if you are still using a Legacy system, it is usually the first thing to go down in the event of a storm, power outage or a fire. This can affect your bottom-line, your productivity and you communications with the outside world. A hosted PBX does not have this issue since it is based in the cloud and off-site from your company. In essence your communications will still be up and running even in an emergency.

So let us review, “What is a Hosted PBX?” In laymen’s terms it is a server that is based in the cloud. It provides you with low cost maintenance and equipment. You will have no down time due to maintenance or upgrades. There will be no loss of communications in the event of a disaster. It is simple and easy to use with “Plug-N-Play” capabilities. It can grow as your company grows. That’s it, short and sweet right? So go ahead and give us a call and schedule your free appointment today.

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