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Auditing Your Digital Marketing Strategy for 2021

Periodically, it’s a good idea to audit your company’s digital marketing strategy. And since the New Year is a prime time for new beginnings, it makes sense to conduct your audit at the start of 2021. Your audit should examine all of your digital marketing campaigns—social media, email, paid ads, etc.—and consider what’s working and what’s not working. This will allow you to make needed adjustments and breathe new life into your digital marketing campaigns.


Many business owners might begin their digital marketing audit for 2021 with a look at their paid advertisements, since that’s where their money is being spent. However, those clicks have to take the user somewhere, and that place is typically the brand’s website. With that in mind, it’s best to begin your audit with the heart of your digital marketing strategy—your website.

Consider whether you need to rewrite content to optimize for new keywords and phrases. Take a look at the structure of your site. Does it make sense? Is it easy to navigate? Be sure to also consider any technical SEO issues. Does your website load quickly? Is it mobile friendly?

Offsite Reputation

Once your website is optimized for 2021, consider how your offsite presence affects your reputation. Is your company included in local business directories? Is your Google My Business listing up to date? Does your brand have more positive reviews than negative ones? Do you promptly respond to reviews?

Other Organic and Paid Traffic

After you’ve audited your brand’s website and its offsite reputation, it’s time to take a closer look at other sources of organic traffic, as well as paid traffic. These include:

  • Social media: Are all of your accounts active? Are they meeting your goals?
  • Email: Are your open and click-through rates in need of improvement?
  • Video: Do you have a video strategy yet? In 2020, 85% of businesses used video in their marketing strategies.
  • PPC: Are your PPC ads primarily just generating clicks, or are they actually leading to conversions?

Are you ready to audit your digital marketing strategy for 2021, but not sure where to start? Just get in touch with the team of expert digital marketers at Smargasy, Inc. We’ll be happy to handle your digital marketing audit for you. You can reach our office in Fort Myers, FL, at (239) 214-8592 or fill out our online contact form to request your free consultation.

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