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7 Ways to Create Brand Awareness Using Social Media

Social media is the perfect platform to engage with your existing customers and reach new ones through strategic advertising and engagement. Here are seven easy ways you can use social media to create brand awareness in Ft. Myers, FL.

1. Use the Right Platforms

You don’t have to use every single social media platform available, but you should educate yourself on the demographics of the users of each platform, so you can target your key audience.

2. Engage With Customers

Create content that encourages customer interaction so you can engage with your customers. This lets them know they’re interacting with real people, not a faceless company.

3. Encourage Sharing

Encourage your followers to share your content by using humor, creating contests and giveaways, and engaging with customers and other accounts.

4. Create and Maintain Customer Relationships

Respond to customer comments and questions consistently and politely to develop relationships with customers. This builds trust and shows you’re a company that cares about its customers.

5. Take Advantage of Trends

Trends and breaking news create opportunities to get attention for your brand on social media. Use trending hashtags and create content around viral trends or breaking news and events.

6. Invest in Promoted Posts and Paid Ads

You can increase your reach by investing in promoted posts and paid ads. This will ensure your content is placed before a wider audience.

7. Measure Your Progress

Periodically evaluate your strategy and measure your progress to see what is working and what isn’t. Experiment with different strategies and then stick with what works.

Learn More About Social Media Marketing Today

To learn more about how social media marketing in Ft. Myers, FL can help customers learn more about your brand, contact us at Smargasy. We can design a targeted, customized social media marketing plan that encourages engagement, grows your audience, and drives traffic to your company’s website. For more information on our services or to schedule a free consultation, contact us today.

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