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7 Most Important Aspects of a Strong LinkedIn Profile

LinkedIn is a social media platform that sometimes gets overlooked by small businesses because it doesn’t have the vast audience of Facebook or the playful spirit of Instagram. However, it can still be a valuable tool for business owners. In addition to advertising opportunities, LinkedIn offers potential employees and clients a glimpse at the innerworkings of your business. As you create your LinkedIn profile, consider the following details that will help yours stand out.

1. LinkedIn Profile Picture

Your personal profile should have a high-quality, recent photo that clearly shows your face. For your company profile, your logo is a great choice to quickly catch attention and get instant brand recognition from users.

2. Background Photo

Your background photo is almost as important as your profile pic; it’s displayed right at the top of your profile and helps shape the story of who you are. Don’t just use a scenic shot or generic background. Showcase your workplace or even pick a stock photo that adds context about the work you do.

3. Catchy Headline

There’s no rule that says your headline must just be your job title. Make it a short, catchy statement that gives readers a clearer idea of what you or your business does.

4. Extensive Network

LinkedIn is all about networking. So, you’ll want to build as many connections as you can on both your personal and company pages. A quick way to build connections is by synching your email contacts to your profile, so you can reach out to people you already know and grow your network.

5. Skills

Using the Skills section of your profile, you can quickly inform readers of what you’re capable of. You won’t want to overload your LinkedIn profile with skills, so only list those that truly make you stand out.

6. Services

The Services section provides a more direct look at what a company or individual could hire you for. Filling in your Services also makes your profile more visible in search, so it’s worth adding at least a few to your page.

7. Endorsements

Endorsements offer a way for other users to validate the skills you boast on your LinkedIn profile. The quickest way to get others to endorse you is to give endorsements to others in your network—they’ll likely return the favor.

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