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4 Ways Free WiFi Can Boost Foot Traffic and Sales

Business owners are always searching for anything that gives them a competitive edge. Therefore, many businesses, especially brick-and-mortar ones that depend on foot traffic, are increasingly offering free and fast WiFi. But how does providing internet get such results? Unlimited free WiFi is no longer an innovation today but a common consumer expectation. Businesses that do not serve these amenities are bound to struggle in the coming times. Providing customers with value-added features can enhance their overall experience and skyrocket your sales. 

Here we discuss four ways free WiFi can boost foot traffic and sales!

#1- Customers Stay Longer in Your Establishment: Do you remember the last time you unlocked your phone and kept on checking different apps until you got late? And when was the last time you did that in a cafe and kept ordering just to continue your conversation or search on the internet? I bet the answer will be, “not that long ago. It is easy to get lost in the dynamic world the internet offers us. Moreover, this is something any Fort Myers digital marketing company will use to keep customers. Offering free WiFi services enables consumers to stay in your business for a longer period and, therefore, order items they were not planning to purchase. This can be the key to attracting new customers and also retaining the old ones. 

#2- Brings In More Customers: Visiting a new city and searching for a place offering free internet and other amenities is quite common these days. Many people probe search engines to find a cafe or fast food restaurant providing such services to relax. As a way, your business will attract new customers who will stay in your establishment for a long time. Moreover, they are more likely to return to your place on their revisit to the city and, as a result, purchase products and services.

#3- Helps Understanding Customer Expectations: You can ask for feedback about your store or services as the customer tries to connect to your free wifi. You can also use the data collected to understand how many people you should employ according to customer density to reduce customer wait time and service delays. 

#4- Get a Competitive Edge: In this voraciously competitive world, offering services that help customers engage with your brand will keep you on top of the game. Free WiFi can help you get a competitive edge as the customers would rather come to your outlet.

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