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4 Reasons Why Small Businesses Need Digital Marketing

When you need a specific product or service, what’s your first step for finding a company you can trust? Chances are that your answer has something to do with browsing the web. In fact, many purchases begin with a Google search, online service directory, or interaction with a digital ad. So, if your business isn’t using digital marketing to be seen within these spaces, you may not have many new customers walking through your doors. Here’s a closer look at the reasons why small businesses need digital marketing:

1. Digital marketing can get you seen in your local market.

One of the most amazing things about digital marketing is the power to out-compete national chains in your local market. With tools like Google Maps searches and local directory management, you’ll have an easier time being seen right alongside bigger competitors. However, you’ll have the advantage of being seen as a local small business rather than a faceless corporation.

2. You’ll gain valuable insights about your customers.

Digital marketing isn’t just about broadcasting your brand on the web. Services like SEO, PPC advertising, social media marketing, and email marketing all yield data that can offer valuable insights about your customers. You can see how they react to different marketing strategies. Then, you can tweak your approach accordingly so that you see even better results over time.

3. You can achieve more conversions for a lower cost compared to traditional marketing strategies.

Don’t shy away from digital marketing because you assume that it’s not in the budget. Online marketing services are more affordable than traditional marketing strategies like roadside billboards and TV commercials. Even more importantly, they are delivered in a targeted way so that conversions are more likely with each ad interaction.

4. Digital marketing is flexible and scalable.

Any business can start small with digital marketing and grow their strategy over time. You may begin with a solid foundation including local SEO, directory listing management, and PPC ads. As your budget grows, you can add in social media advertising, email marketing, and other services to engage a wider audience and make even more conversions.

No matter where you are currently with your digital marketing plan, Smargasy can help you build an effective, affordable strategy that yields results. Call (239) 214-8592 today to schedule your free strategy session with our Fort Myers team.

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