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Why You Should Offer Your Customers a Social Powered Free WiFi

It’s customary for all types of businesses to offer free Wi-Fi to their customers. From hospitals to laundromats to cafes, customers have grown to expect Internet access as they patronize businesses. In fact, at least 74% of businesses are currently offering free Wi-Fi to their customers, or are planning to do so at some point. As important as free Wi-Fi is for your business’ reputation, it may not be going far enough. Did you know that you can offer social powered free Wi-Fi to drive your company’s revenue up? Keep reading to find out how.

Understanding Social Powered Wi-Fi

Social powered free Wi-Fi is an innovative technology that enables your guests to seamlessly connect to your free Wi-Fi network using their social media logins. Because customers connect via their social media login credentials, your business will be able to automatically collect information about them. This can inform your marketing efforts. Furthermore, with social powered Wi-Fi, customers are shown your current business promotions once they log in. They can also receive push notifications that encourage them to return to your business.

Exploring the Benefits of Social Powered Wi-Fi

Social powered free Wi-Fi offers significant benefits for your business. It turns your Wi-Fi network into an automated lead generation machine. Furthermore, it encourages your customers to “like” and “share” your social media page, which boosts your digital presence. Other benefits include the following:

  • Customers are shown your special offers and other promotions.
  • You can give customers access to rewards for logging in, like coupons and contests.
  • Customers will enjoy your free Wi-Fi services, boosting your business’ reputation.
  • You’ll get valuable information and in-depth marketing analytics on your customers.
  • You can show customers a custom landing page to improve brand awareness.
  • Customers can ditch the hassle of logging into free Wi-Fi using long, cumbersome passwords.

Ultimately, social powered free Wi-Fi can help generate leads and boost revenue.

At Smargasy, Inc., we are leading providers of social powered Wi-Fi services in Fort Myers, FL. Our advanced features include custom bandwidth limitations, in-depth analytics, customer loyalty rewards, and your own custom landing page. Get in touch today at (239) 214-8592 for more information about turning your free Wi-Fi into an automatic lead generation machine.

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